Flights4Kids is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a free, professional and responsive regional/rural flight service for children with serious illness and their families.

Why Flights4Kids?

Discovering a child has a serious, life-threatening illness is traumatic for any family, placing significant emotional, practical and financial pressure on the child, their family, extended family and carers. This is magnified for seriously ill children and families who live in regional/rural, often remote communities, where local life-saving medical treatment, equipment and expertise is limited or unavailable.

How Flights4Kids can help

Help us achieve our goals

Flights4Kids is a registered charity. All proceeds go towards day-to-day operations and running costs including fuel, aircraft maintenance and other aviation expenses. Generosity from sponsors, partners and public donations allow the organisation to acquire and run new and efficient aircraft.

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Flights4Kids has the passion and the vision but we cannot do this alone. We need your support to help establish our service so we can say “yes” to families who need our assistance.

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Flights4Kids has allowed me to combine my passionate love of flying with helping others in need. I don’t see this as work, but rather a daily reward that brings satisfaction and hope to consistently improve the service and aid the recovery of so many children.

Mark Pugliese – Flights4Kids Founder