Our Fleet

Piper Chieftain

Configured for up to 9 passengers

The Piper Chieftain is a cabin-class, twin-engine turbo charged aircraft. It is one of the most popular choices for regional/rural commuter, business, air tours and leisure flights. High speed and high versatility, the Chieftain can operate to the most remote airstrips and isolated locations. It will be used for many of the Flights4Kids destinations.

Beechcraft King Air

Seats up to 10 passengers depending on model

The Beechcraft King Air is a twin-engine turboprop (turbine) corporate and utility aircraft with air-conditioning. The King Air is the most famous name in business travel and also widely used by the Royal Flying Doctor’s Service. Flying above majority of the weather in speed and pressurized comfort. The King Air is at home on the ramp at Sydney International as it is on country airstrip in the most remote location. The King Air is used by Flights4Kids on all long haul flights and any conditions that require the performance of a twin-turbine powered aircraft.

*Images courtesy of Beechcraft

Eurocopter EC120 & EC130

Leather seats for 4 & 6 passengers respectively

The EC120 & EC130 are state of the art modern single-turbine engine helicopters with air-conditioning. They also have the fenestron tail rotor which enables one of the quietest operations by a helicopter today. They will be used on certain Flights4Kids very short haul flights, as well as the commuter flights between our base at Moorabbin Airport and either the Hospital Helipad or Melbourne City Helipad during the peak hours.

The helicopter fleet is provided through a partnership with Microflite Helicopter Services, Victoria’s premier helicopter company. Featuring their famous red livery that has become synonymous in the Melbourne skyline. Microflite has an impeccable safety record and always provide an outstanding service. Flights4Kids are very pleased to be able to work with such a well renowned company with their fantastic fleet of helicopters helping so many children and families in need.